Responsible Land Use Planning

Why is it important to make smart decisions when it comes to land use planning?

Development Decisions Can Affect

  • Our Health
  • How Our Kids Get to School
  • The Time We Spend in the Car
  • The Time Left for Family & Friends
  • Housing Choices
  • Job Opportunities
  • Availability of Open Space
  • Local Economy
  • Property Values

The Benefits of Good Land Use Planning


  • People Spend More Time Together & Less Time Getting from Place to Place
  • Inclusive, Accessible Design Provides Options for All Income Levels & Abilities
  • A Walkable & Connected Community Means Improved Physical & Mental


  • Providing Goods & Services to Local Community Means Dollars Stay in Town
  • Economic Diversification Encourages a Year-Round Healthy Economy
  • Balanced Supply & Demand w/ Housing Supports Stronger Property Value


  • Less Dependency on the Automobile Means Less Pollution
  • Clustered Growth in Previously Developed Locations Helps Support Undeveloped Open Space
  • Reduced Development Footprint Makes Most Efficient Land Use

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