Our Core Values

Fairness – M.A.P. believes that people deserve equal opportunities to have their voice heard and considered.
Courage – M.A.P. is willing to address difficult issues that others may not because of our belief in the importance of our mission.
Excellence –
The quality of our work shall meet the highest possible standard, as should anything done in and around Truckee.
Problem Solving –
M.A.P. is creative, nimble, and flexible. It is open minded and willing to  consider a wide range of approaches to solving problems.
Responsibility –
M.A.P. believes that those of us fortunate enough to live, work, or play here have a responsibility to future generations to leave it better than we found it.
Community –
M.A.P. strengthens the community by consistently participating in the public process, providing the public with information and by being an example to others.
Respect –
We treat each other with respect as well as those with whom we work, even if we disagree.
Participation –
Those that wish to influence a decision must participate in its deliberations and activities.